April 17, 2014

What is Work Hard – Work Smart?

Work Hard – Work Smart connects prospective employees to regional employers by utilizing the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) supported by ACT WorkKeys job skill assessment system.

The NCRC includes three core assessments of Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information and Locating Information — skills that are highly important to the majority of jobs in the workplace.

Sign up for the National Career Readiness Certificate

Earning a NCRC may be your ticket to the job you’ve always wanted.  The NCRC verifies your high school education or adult work experience to potential employers and demonstrates your commitment to success.  This adds up to a competitive advantage, better job opportunities and a brighter employment future.

Why is the NCRC important to North Texas?

Prospective Employees

  1. The NCRC demonstrates your basic skill levels in three specific areas to employers.
  2. It gives you an advantage when applying for jobs with employers who either recommend or consider the NCRC for hiring purposes.
  3. The NCRC compliments your diploma and resume signifying that you are a “work-ready” candidate for job openings.


  1. By recommending or considering the NCRC for job opportunities, you are telling prospective candidates that you value a work-ready candidate.
  2. The NCRC allows employers to screen for qualified candidates.
  3. Statistically, a new hire who possess the NCRC has a shorter period of training and orientation moving quicker towards full productivity.

Attracting New Jobs

  1. Pursuing 10% of our current labor base to obtain the NCRC allows North Texas to market a work-ready labor force while competing with other areas for business relocation leading to new jobs.
  2. The NCRC helps North Texas keep skilled jobs locally eventually maximizing the tool for increase production, lower costs and creating more profit.
  3. Attract foreign direct investment by highlighting and promoting the work-readiness of Wichita County, North Texas and the skills unique to our competition.

Goals – Work Hard – Work Smart

  • 2014 – Establish Wichita County as a “Work-Ready County”
    • 50 Employers to sign a Letter of Commitment (LOC) recommending or considering the NCRC for open jobs.
    • Over 6,500 prospective employees possessing the NCRC in Wichita County. (85% of high school graduates, 35% of the unemployed and 3% of the underemployed)
  • 2016 – Establish the North Texas Workforce Development Area (WDA) as a “Work-Ready Super Region”

Who can earn the National Career Readiness Certificate?

High School Seniors can learn more about the October assessment dates through your counselor.

Adults can make an appointment to take the assessment at one of three locations in Wichita Falls.

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